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The AMBIATOR is an Eco-friendly, sustainable cooling system for hot and dry climates. It provides cooling similar to an AC while the power use and simplicity is similar to an air cooler. It is the only packaged cooling product that can be run using solar panels.

The AMBIATOR provides cool, 100% fresh air (non-recirculated) into a space to maintain indoor temperatures at 26 +/-2 when the outside temperature is 40 Deg C with <30% RH.

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The AMBIATOR comes in one modular size of 5 TR Capacity, for engineers that 3000 CFM delivered air.

The AMBIATOR 5 TR module is capable of cooling 750 to 1000 square feet of indoor space depending on the heat load inside.

Larger spaces are cooled by adding multiple AMBIATOR modules. Say for example you have a space that needs 50 tons of cooling, in this case you would use 10 modules of the AMBIATOR 5 TR.

The AMBIATOR is a very quite solution for cooling, the sound levels inside is under 50 dba.

The AMBIATOR can be used as a pre-cooling unit for existing Treated Fresh Air (TFA) units by Ducting the AMBIATOR's Supply Air to the TFA's Air Ingress plenum. Each AMBIATOR can reduce up to 10 TR outdoor air heat load resulting in significant energy savings during the high temperature seasons.

Yes, we do. We are currently building up the network and supply chain to bring it to market. You can see the demo here - AMBIATOR RESIDENTIAL


The AMBIATOR is cost competitive and is about 30% lower than a commercial high efficiency VRF/VRV systems with the benefit of 100% fresh air.

AMBIATOR has the lowest running cost, it uses just 1 unit of power per hour. With SolarPV the operating cost can come to ZERO enabling net-zero buildings and higher LEED points for a Green Building.






1 kW




7.5 kW



An air conditioning contractor in your local area is already qualified to install an AMBIATOR at your location. We'll be happy to help guide them during the process remotely.

The typical Payback by Opex and Capex savings of AMBIATOR is under 1 year if operational for more than 1500 hours a year.

All Electrical components have a manufactures warranty of 1 year.

At AMBIATOR we provide a Comprehensive AMC at 10% of the Equipment Value from year two onward. We work on a  <72 Hour support and resolution window depending on your location.

How it Works

The AMBIATOR cools air in two stages, first it does Dry Cooling of the air through a heat exchanger in this stage the air is cooled without adding any humidity then in the next stage we add humidity using the evaporative cooling process. The AMBIATOR has a patented advanced evaporative Cooling technique.

No, unlike Air Coolers which only add humidity at higher temperatures, the AMBIATOR’s lower temperatures make the humidity feel non-sticky.

The AMBIATOR uses < 1 kW of power total with the possibility of saving additional energy with an inbuilt Variable Frequency Drive.

The AMBIATOR’s water usage depends on the outside temperature, the cooler it the lesser water is consumed and the higher the temperature is the more water it consumes. On average the AMBIATOR consumes between 2 liters and go up to 6 liters of water per hour per ton of cooling when the temperature exceed 42 Deg C.

The water used should be below 700 PPM to ensure longevity of the evaporative cooling pads.

The AMBIATOR comes with a control panel that includes a Variable Frequency Drive for energy saving during periods when outdoor temperatures are low. A smart IoT controller manages all the processes of the AMBIATOR and provides remote monitoring, control and reporting via an app & the web browser.


The Ambiator is highly scaleable to any capacity, For example you get 25 TR by just grouping 5 modules, you can also group 25 units in 2 rows to go to 250 TR. The combinations are endless for each application. In another case groups of 10 AMBIATORs can be placed at different locations to provide 50 TR cooling per area, this reduces unnecessary ducting costs and reduces CapEx.


The Ideal place to install the Ambiator is outside the built environment. In some cases you may want to use them indoors where we suggest to Duct in Fresh Air and Duct out Process Air.

Yes, the AMBIATOR can be mounted on the roof, it is also common practice overseas to puncture the roof to provide cooling into the space vs using ducting from the periphery of the building.

The AMBIATOR unit takes up less than 1 square meter of space however we recommend providing at least 2 square meter to allow for maintenance activities.



We recommend using minimal ducting and making use of Eyeball diffusers also known as Jet Nozzles, These allow the air to travel far and reducing the cost of overall ducting. In case there is no escape from ducting we still recommend the use of Jet Nozzles and not air conditioning grilles.

The AMBIATOR has a small footprint, the unit dimensions are : width 0.7m , depth 1.0m and height 1.8m.

We recommend leaving 1.0m behind the AMBIATOR unit for maintenance activities.

The Duct Opening is width 600mm by height 900mm.

An all round 20mm flange is provided for connection to a flexible transitioning duct. The outer dimension are available in technical drawing. Here -AMBIATOR - Technical Drawing July 1 2023

At the Duct opening the face velocity is under 2.5 meters per second or 500 fpm.

We recommend designing ducting for under 7 m/s with an aspect ration of 1:1.5.

The Ambiator has a 10mm external static available. Additional static is available via the VFD / use of inline duct booster fans.

As the Ambiator is a ventilative cooling system it is recommended to exhaust 90% of the air brought out by the Ambiator to maintain freshness inside the space. This is done by an exhaust duct system.


Yes, you can use the return air duct with some modification to convert it into an exhaust air duct.

External Inputs

The AMBIATOR uses 3 Phase 440 V power in. This can be from the Gird or from a 3 Phase Inverter linked to Solar PV.

For the convenience of all users of the AMBIATOR, the water input line has a male hose nipple to accept a 12.5mm flexible pipe. Water pressure must not exceed 5 Bar to prevent system damage.

For the convenience of all users of the AMBIATOR, the water input line has a male hose nipple to accept a 12.5mm flexible pipe.

IoT Controls

A state of the embedded Smart Internet of Things (IoT) controller is the brain of the of the AMBIATOR, It’s handles all the processes of the unit to provide you with the best experience. The smart IoT systems continuously monitor the health of the AMBIATOR and communicate with you, your installer and us the manufacturer in case it senses something that is not working correctly for preventive maintenance. The App allows the user to control and monitor the equipment they have. The Smart IoT controller helps us help you before serious damage occurs to your machine. The service is free for the first year and is available with a Comprehensive Annual Maintenance plan.


Description Units Value
Cooling CapacityTR Equivalent5
Air QuantityCFM/CMH1000 - 3000 / 1700 -5000
Fan MotorWatts800
FanTypePlug Flow
Air FlowTypeBlow Through
Pump MotorWatts120
Pump BodyTypeCast Iron
Electrical InputType220V – 1 Phase BLDC
Control PanelTypeIntegral with IoT
Temperature ControlTypeIoT
Humidity ControlTypeIoT
Fan Speed ControlTypeIoT
Remote MonitoringTypeIoT via Web / App
CasingTypeMild Steel
ProtectionTypePowder Coating
Process IDECTypeRegenerative
ProtectionTypeGranted Indian Patent
Air FiltersType20 Micron (Washable)
Ambient Temperature⁰CBelow 50
Ambient Humidity%Below 55
Supply Air (Summer)⁰C18-24
Supply Air (Monsoon)⁰C25-27
Sound (Indoors)dbaBelow 50
Water UseLiters/Hour0-25


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